Frequently Asked Questions

Who is K Hall?

K Hall, is named after the former director of the company Kay Hall. Romie Szal took over the agency in 1984, and decided to keep the agency name of K Hall.

What is an Open Call Appointment?

An Open Call Appointment can be made by the K Hall staff through phone, ONLY AFTER you have submitted by email first. These appointments occur when scheduling permits. The office staff will be as flexible as possible to get you in on a date that is convenient for everyone.

NOTE: This may result in you having to wait until Romie is available.

What type of talent does your company look for?

K Hall Agency looks for people who have all kinds of looks and backgrounds. Bilingual or Trilingual skills are a definite plus. You must have a good personality and know that this business is very competitive. Most importantly, our Agency wants people who are “go-getters” -- those who have the drive and determination to make it in this industry!

What ages do you represent?

K Hall Agency represents ALL ages, from infants to senior citizens.

What is the Austin Market like?

The Austin Market is rapidly growing. Although there is a lot of national work that comes through the city, most of the work Austin receives is from local and regional clients. REMEMBER: Austin is not LA or New York City.

What are all these Model Scouting Commercials about?

Be careful when being scouted by model scouts. While some may be able to get you some work within the industry, it is usually at a high price and RARE. Now that agencies have been deregulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, you have to be very cautious of anyone that might be disreputable.

The majority of “scoutings” are never the real deal. These are not an agency that is going to promote you and try to help you find work. The only cost you should ever pay for are your Composite Cards or Headshots. Other than that, if there are people trying to get you to “be seen” or “get noticed” by the right people, odds are you pay for a weekend where you are nothing more than a number amidst the many other people who attend, and you will leave with rejection and empty pockets!

Can I use a photographer friend to take my headshots?

You can use a photographer friend to take your pictures if you have one, just remember that you run the risk of having to get new headshots or composite cards because they might not be up to industry standards

NOTE: All of the photos must be approved by Romie Szal before the agency represents you.

How much work will I be getting if I get signed?

Again, the modeling and acting industry is a very competitive business. If you have the right look personality and TALENT, you can very well get a lot of work within this industry. However, since the market in Austin isn’t as big as cities like LA or NYC, you should be able to handle rejection and slow months -- you shouldn’t count on this to be your only source of income! Also remember that when opportunities arise, there are many factors involved with securing bookings – Client requests, your performance when being seen, etc.

How can I get on the K Hall Agency website?

Once you are signed, you can contact the Agency and request to get on our website. This is an additional yearly fee, unless you want your photo or resume updated within that time, which is nominal.

The present rate for posting is $55 for a headshot/resume. Posting requests can be made by contacting the Agency's office and payment arrangements (cash/check/money order) must be sent to the office as well. You will need to send in a .jpeg photo and a Word Document resume.
Requests for updates must be sent to K Hall Agency.
Payment must be made to "K Hall Agency".

Where is your office located?

Our office is located at:

1807 Broadmoor
Austin, TX 78723

Directions: The building is located at the end of a street, and there is street parking and a driveway on Greenbrook Pkwy, around the loop at the end of the street.

We are in a residential area.

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