Baby Talent

Due to the demands of the industry in all media areas, promotion of babies to Clients is done electronically or from our agency's website. We want to give our babies the best opportunities and maximum exposure possible provided to us by our many Clients and Casting Directors. 

We represent babies up to five years of age without the requirement of a professional headshot. If your child meets the age requirements and you would like to help them work in the industry, our fee is $55 a year to have their photo posted on our website. Please send your child's picture in a jpeg format because we do not keep paper files. We offer updates on your child's photo every six months since they grow fast. 


Please follow the submission steps and include the following information in the email: 

  1. In the subject line type Baby Talent Submission
  2. Baby’s Name
  3. Baby’s Date of Birth
  4. Date the Photos were Taken
  5. Contact phone numbers
  6. Return the Database Information Card
  • Photos are requested in color
  • Photos must be in jpeg format
  • If you wish to post photos on the website, contact the agency to retrieve necessary paperwork for our records.  
  • Mail check to: 1807 Broadmoor Dr, Austin, TX 78723 and make payable to "K Hall Agency" in the amount of $55. 
  • In the memo area, reflect your baby talent's name.

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